Volunteer Application Form

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Steps to follow to become a student volunteer at St. Mary's Hospital Center.

  1. Fill in the application form and print a copy.
  2. Attach to your application form two (2) reference letters. Original, signed reference letters must be dated within the last 12 months. The referees cannot be family or personal friends.
  3. Mail or deliver these documents to :
    St Mary's Hospital Center
    Volunteer Program (Students)
    SB 217
    3830, rue Lacombe
    Montreal, QC H3T 1M5
  4. If all of the documents are in order and you have respected the dates for submitting the form and letters (see below), you will be contacted for an interview.
  5. There is a limited number of volunteer positions available each session, so applications will be handled on a first-come first- served basis.
  6. You must attend an Orientation Session for in-coming volunteers.
  7. You are expected to contribute a minimum of 3 hours per week for at least 4 months, with the possibility of continuing.
  8. Letters of attestation for your volunteering are available, upon request, after completing 50 hours of volunteer work.

NB: The minimum age for volunteering at St. Mary's Hospital is 18.

The recruitment periods are:

• SummerApril 15-30
• FallAugust 15-30
• WinterJanuary 1-15
In case of emergency notify :
Please supply two personal references (other than family):
Reference #1

Reference #2
Morning Afternoon Evening

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